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The SAN Authority Group was designed to protect exclusively SAN: Starving Artist Network Global assets by proactively monitoring Copyrights, Trademarks and Pirating violations of Music, Film, Print, Art Software, Designs, Graphics, Audio, Apparel, Accessories and Online, Offline Media!.

The San Authority Group extended responsibility is outfitted to act in Artist Mediation and Oversight, Proactive Legal Training, Global Travel & Security, Legal Supervision, Digital Publishing & Governance Contract Analysis and Investment Planning!

The SAN Authority Group main objectives in contract analysis is to identify the core offering, penalties differentials and optional clause which helps in clarifying it content to our clients. The principal similarities are terms of the bargain, representations, covenants and general provisions are the foremost importance to us.

The SAN Authority Group has many professional skills to offer but our allegiance and dealings are exclusively with SAN: Starving Artist Network and its subsidiaries.

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